Saturday, May 28, 2011

Accelerated-State Conditioning

Anyone who has felt the high of a triumph, the buzz of an energy streak or the tingles of a first love knows how special those feelings are. All of these things share a similar feeling, and tend to make people giddy with happiness. I have wanted to find a way to recreate this sensation on command, but have never found an adequate means of doing so. I recently ran across a website claiming to be able to do just this. I have yet to try the method, but it seems very promising. The author claims to use it himself, and to have helped many others do the same. I have heard of similar techniques used in psychotherapy, so I believe this has potential. The technique involves positive self-talk combined with smiling in front of the mirror and an imaginary audience (cut out from magazines or pictures). This technique may take some people more time than others to be successful, and it should be viewed with an open mind. I wish anyone luck who decides to attempt it, and I hope to be doing the same soon! Below is the website providing further comprehensive information on accelerated-state conditioning:

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